Solar Water  Heating

New Zealand’s
Most Efficient Solar Water Heating Systems

Using the best technology available our systems are powerfully efficient and the best on the market at generating energy which means you save more… for longer.

Choosing A Solar Water Heating System

To help you choose a new system, here are some things to consider and ask yourself:

1. Consider how many people live in your house now and also how many there may be in the future.

2. Look at your demands for hot water for example do lots of people shower first thing in the morning?

3. When do you run your washing machine does this draw on hot water?

4. Are you building a new home or is it a retrofitting to an existing home?

A well designed and installed system will meet 50-75% of your hot water needs using the sun’s free energy and the remainder will come from your gas or electric booster.

Our systems specifically use the evacuated tube solar water heating panels as they are better suited to our colder climate with high performance. The systems have passed rigorous New Zealand standards testing and been performance tested with EECA.

Solar water heating will be the area you get the biggest return for your investment. The capital cost of installing solar will be recovered within 4.5 years when the correct system is installed and the capital value of the system is still there when you sell your home.

Here at Consol we will ensure that you get the right system so you get maximum cost savings and the best energy efficiency possible.

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Tel: +64 (0)3 982 0738


Mob: +64 (0)21 982 073