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Christchurch City Council Building Solar
The solar system is a preheat system designed to preheat 7000 litres of water per day. This system is state of the art and utilises 36 Consol thirty tube panels. Fully managed by Building Management System.

Abbey fields Solar.
This installation includes four standard 300 litre systems each with thirty tubes due to the building being in four parts.

French Farm Winery.
This system is backed up by electric to boost the water used in accomodation. Four Consol evacuated tube panels installed.

Lincoln Community Centre
The Lincoln Community Centre is a preheat system where the 6 Consol thirty tube panels heat a 1000 litre pre-heat tank that feeds bank of gas califonts to heat the water for the building

NZ Blood Bank building Christchurch
This system utilises four Consol 30 tube panels to heat a pre-heat tank that feeds and electric cylinder greatly reducing the demand for electricity for the building.

CPIT Gymnasium Building
Pre-heat system utilising eight Consol evacuated tube panels with electrical back up.

The residential integrated system has 16kw of solar water heating that heats a 1000 litre hot water cylinder. Once the potable water reaches the desired temperature heat is diverted to the underfloor heating in the winter and the pool / spa in the summer. The system is controlled by a BMS using a 24kw heat pump for any back up heating required. All is operated from a simple touch pad so you can set the desired temperature in any room of the house or pool / spa temperature. PV with battery storage was added so in a power outage there was power to run the pumps and controls so there was always hot water and heating

This system is for Heating water for Commercial offices. This system is for heating water for commercial offices. There are three 30 tube panels that heat a preheat tank that feeds pre-heated water into an electric cylinder. This reduces the demand for the electrical element.

Pool Heating

Construction phase of a pool heating system that utilises Consol 47mm evacuated tubes to heat a pool in the summer and underfloor in a Yoga studio in the winter. The system uses a cylinder as a heat dump and distributor to the pool or underfloor. The system is backed up by an air to water heat pump.

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