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Take control of your energy supply for years to come. Grid-tied solar, the simple solution and a smart choice.

What is grid-tied solar?

As the name suggests, grid-tied solar means your solar PV system is connected to the grid. When your solar panels are not producing energy and you need back up power, you can draw energy from the grid. When you have excess energy, you can sell it back to your energy provider.

Benefits and limitations of grid-tied solar

With a grid-tied solar system, you enjoy these benefits:

  • You can send your excess power back to the grid for a credit on your utility bill
  • No battery is needed with a grid-tied system, so they are cheaper and easier to set up than off-grid or hybrid systems
  • The system will pay for itself within as little as 7 years

But keep in mind that:
Utility buy-back rates vary and you have no control over the buy-back rates With out battery storage, you can only consume energy as it is generated Your solar energy system will not work during power outages

The cost of your solar energy system varies according to the number or size of the array (number of panels) and other system requirements. We are happy to provide you with an free assessment and quote.

Solar Power

Sustainable energy for the lifetime of your business.

Tailor-made commercial solar power systems

In addition to the energy and cost savings, a solar PV system installed on your facility is a highly visible statement to clients, staff and the general public, of your company’s sustainability credentials.

Why commercial solar?

Consol Solar will provide a custom solar energy system designed to generate the power your business requires. The benefits are many, including:

  • Reduce your reliance on an expensive grid supply
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Sell surplus energy back to the grid
  • Get a massive 25 year warranty on highest performing solar PV panels, with an expected lifetime of 30+ years!

We use only the highest quality products for our commercial installations.

There are many factors involved in assessing your business for solar. If you’re interested to find out more please contact us, we are happy to provide a free quote and consultation.

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Tel: +64 (0)3 982 0738

E-mail: info@consolsolar.co.nz

Mob: +64 (0)21 982 073